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Black Pearl SXI

For years, we have knowingly faced a cyber pandemic. Over the past ten years, nation-state actors have infiltrated nearly every US Federal agency and corporation and taken responsibility for billions of dollars in lost revenue, intellectual property, and confidence in our ability to protect sensitive data and information regulated under federal law.

While the world focused on eradicating COVID-19, cyber-attackers have moved to the new forefront, remote teleworkers. New exploits targeting wireless networks, Internet of Things smart home devices (insecure by nature), ransomware, and corporate espionage, have exposed sensitive information. Protecting sensitive data across all industries that directly impact our national security, well-being, and way of life is essential.

The result of poorly protected computing and mobile devices is an explosive number of breaches and the cascading effect of significant cyber exposures and exploitation. Corporate Executives muffled the "sky is falling chant" made by cybersecurity experts that foresaw the inevitable repercussion by failing to address relevant cybersecurity threats and issues-- until it started hitting their corporate bottom line.

Virtual Private Networks VPNs have become a focal point for cybersecurity concerns at agencies since the pandemic began. However, those devices can also be vulnerable to attack or compromise, mainly when employees log on from insecure home networks.

To protect the information, regardless of its geographic location, must be maintained and managed up to its appropriate risk level. The kitchen table, home phone, and family wi-fi connection was never expected to collect, store, and process classified, protected, or confidential information.

“Data and research by the National Security Agency, the US Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security outline specific high-impact threats that reflect clear and present danger to our critical national infrastructure and public safety.”.

  • Supply chain infection, malicious code injection, malware payload delivery
  • Trade secrets and intellectual property theft
  • Financial fraud and cybercrime
  • Data manipulation, disinformation, deep fake technologies
  • Wireless signals collection, session hi-jacking, masquerading, impersonation
  • Eavesdropping, (corporate and social media)
  • Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) data destruction cyberweapons
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) denial of service cyberweapons

The telework solution, BLACK PEARL™, developed by SecureXperts, introduces an out-of-the box solution that can be shipped directly to remote teleworkers offering secure remote connectivity with auditing, logging, and secure authentication meeting stringent security requirements mandated by national security and critical infrastructure protection sectors.

What is Black Pearl?

SecureXperts Black Pearl™ is a Host and Network-based solution enabling individuals to meet regulatory requirements for cybersecurity (US Federal, Defense, Energy, Medical, Financial, Industrial, Manufacturing, etc.) by securing and future-proofing hardware and software from next-generation cyber threats used by high-profile domestic and nation-state adversaries.

Throughout history, Black Pearl has been revered as a sign of wisdom, healing and protects the wearer (user) from negative energy). The SecureXperts Black Pearl™ series configuration options range from basic hardware level 1 (TPM & DoD baseline) to level 5 full NATO approved TEMPEST secured.

Black Pearl Protection Profile(s)

  • Data security using X.509 asymmetric digital signatures using next-generation Elliptical Curve Cryptography ("ECC") used for secured network authentication, digital signing of email and corporate email, and encryption of data during transmission at rest.

  • Communication Security provided isolating corporate, and home networks using secure CDMA-approved broadband and cellular systems that use 4G LTE and 5G network technology, including band 14 for FirstNet approved Government, Law Enforcement, and Public safety applications.

  • Physical/environmental security using a protected thermally rated enclosure that blocks interference and emanation of unintentional signals by shielding the components using TEMPEST rated equipment.

  • Continuous cybersecurity monitoring (CDM) is provided 24x7x365 by SecureXperts cybersecurity experts is located at a secured facility located at the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Kennedy Space Center, FL.

Black Pearl Benefits

  • Cost savings by keeping employees at home in a safe environment have proven physical and mental advantages for those who can telework by reducing physical real estate owned by the company.

  • Cyber Insurance claims will not be denied as the IT security and data protection requirements emulate the same security as required in physical corporate work environments.

  • External threat vectors and costs of cell phones, mobile device management tools, software devices are no longer relevant.

  • Compliance with government, public safety, and other regulated sectors (NIST 800-171, HSPD-12, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, GDPR) maintain audit standards and requirements (when incorporating Black Pearl Level 3-5.