Our Road Map

Our Security Vision

Information security is multifaceted and multi-layered, SecureXperts views security as a common thread that should weave through every aspect of the business it protects in an effort to balance the rewards and risks of a business. SecureXperts goal is to fuel growth and innovate business models by creating a secure, yet open framework. Seemingly paradoxical, SecureXperts' unique approach is based on our experience working with companies in the midst of business transformations.

Broaden Access

The nature of security is no longer defined as "locking down" the company's assets. Today, security means enabling access both internally and externally.

Prioritize Risk

While risk is unavoidable, it can be identified and prioritized based on the potential impact on the organization. This establishes priorities for minimizing and managing risks.

SecureXperts believes that these precepts of security can help build an environment of acceptable and manageable risk for any organization.

Generate Revenue

The goal of security is no longer exclusively about preventing lost revenue-generating initiatives, instilling consumer and shareholder confidence. SecureXperts believes that one answer to generating more revenue is by making security automation work for you.

As the volume, velocity, and complexity of cyber attacks proliferate SecureXperts can help your organization set up a security operations center (SOC) to centralize incident detection, response, and reporting. Increasingly, the SOC team use automates techniques that will help you effectively identify and remediate threats timely and efficiently decreasing loss and increasing revenue.

Making Business Driven Decisions

In the business world, access privileges are a business decision based on employee, partner or client needs. As such, security concerns must be factored into business strategies, decisions, and direction.

Information Security

The goal of security is no longer exclusively about Clearly, information security isn't a product you simply install. It's a strategy that builds on the strengths of prevention, detective, and audit products, adding the critical functions of prevention, alerts, detection responses to security vendor neutralSecureXperts provides that strategy. We develop custom events. related solutions, that ensure the prevention products you already use work, and the systems you have in place perform in the way they were intended to. We utilize a disciplined process of risk management that protects every level of your information architecture.

The Approach

customers with security services, our approach affords clients the ability to understand the technology effectively rather than only using the reactive controls of their environment. The technology used to solve business problems offers a portfolio of scalable solutions that draw on the expertise of our subject matter experts. We provide client-tailored services that consist of security consulting, policy development, human resources support, security awareness training and other certified professional pieces of training.

Installation & Configuration

We also provide installation and configuration of security solutions ranging from data protection systems and smart cards and firewalls to monitoring non-vendor specific in using and suggesting the best mix of solution(s) for each individual client. IT professionals savvy enough to rely on “outside” expertise to augment their existing staff has a distinct advantage by retaining a team of information security professionals to assist in protecting and strengthening their network environments. Management has a distinct benefit by utilizing industry security professionals whose expertise rivals second to none.

Forensic Services

SecureXperts uses a holistic approach when providing its SecureXperts is organized with the necessary operational tools for isolating and defeating the threats to your network business environment. Whether the threats are internal or external, we can help you manage and mitigate them by leveraging our knowledge and expertise, allowing you to choose the best mix of services to best meet your individual needs.

Road Map

SecureXperts provides preemptive measures – defining the progressive stages of understanding where the attacker is likely to strike, and the measures to identify who the attacker is, as well as ensure that the attacker doesn’t get through and, more importantly, causes no harm. Our methodology is process driven to ensure consistency and excellence.