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News Brief | October 28, 2020

SecureXperts Black Pearl™ Integrated Telework Kit Meeting Tempest and Electromagnetic Threats WINS Cybersecurity TV Worldwide On-Line Technology Contest.

Darnell Washington

SecureXperts Incorporated. (the "Company") is pleased to announce that its new Black Pearl™ Cyber Physical Telework product was announced as the winner in the TV Worldwide's Cybersecurity Shark Fest.

The event was produced live by Cybersecurity TV on the TV Worldwide Network with remote interviewing and judging via a security virtual platform. The contest was viewed by a worldwide audience of cyber professionals and Executives from government and Industry seeking improved solutions for data protection and information security.

The Black Pearl™ solution incorporates secure boot, trusted execution, and trusted hardware to US Department of Defense standards (NIST-800-171) for protection of Confidential and Unclassified Information. It enforces mandatory enforcement for strong Identification and Access controls through the use of smart card credentials similar to those mandated by the US Federal government and eliminates the use of user/name password combinations by using up to triple factor authentication to access protected information resources.

The Black Pearl™ solution also isolates network traffic from home Wi-Fi, internet, entertainment and home automation systems that are inherently insecure against data breach, sniffing, and capture of intellectual property, corporate trade secrets, including nationally sensitive information used by government, law enforcement, public safety and critical infrastructure protection and other regulated market sectors.

To deliver the cyber-physical solution, SecureXperts has partnered with leading cyb organizations such as Intel, Milestone, Sophos and Wickr to deliver end-to-end encrypted and verified secure systems delivering provable roots and trust.

SecureXperts has partnered with G4S Corporate Risk Services of Jupiter, FL and Capital Technologies of Washington, DC to build-out the physical countermeasures to include shielding and blocking Electromagnetic Interference/Electromagnetic Pulse RF signal collection, eavesdropping, and jamming techniques and methods against corporate espionage, hacking, and nation-state attacks.

Mr. Darnell Washington, President/CEO of SecureXperts states, “The kitchen table or the patio is not the place to process protected and sensitive information. It's not rocket science that attackers are able to breach these systems and conduct malicious activities such as ransomware, denial of service, or malicious code injection that causes companies to end up on front page news.

Corporate boards and shareholders are keenly aware that companies that have suffered a data breach are likely to use customer confidence and cost up to $1,000 per account to offer credit and/or financial monitoring services –along with stiff penalties under the Securities and Exchange and Federal Trade Commission.

It would be helpful to advertise and market RMR services to your clients to identify which services are of most value. Remember, you already have a trusted relationship with the customer, and you are not a cold-caller. Let’s take a closer look …

SecureXperts was congratulated by the judges for introducing a forward-thinking ubiquitous solution addressing both cyber and physical security. To view the recorded event, click For more information, contact SecureXperts via phone at 1-888-804-4674 or email at