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May 7, 2023

Ascom HIMSS Conference after Action Report

Darnell Washington

During the week of April 17- April 21, SecureXperts participated with Ascom Healthcare in the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Conference in Chicago IL. In attendance at the event representing SecureXperts was Mr. Darnell Washington, President/CEO and Mr. Anthony Watkins, Client Services Engineer

During the event, SecureXperts showcased its Black Pearl secure remote access solution and NIST Compliant secure end user workstation designed for telework and alternate work environments, and engaged with approximately 50 event participants relevant to this technology. The primary event participants that we engaged were Ascom Technology partners that sell Ascom Solutions to the Healthcare industry. During our discussions, SecureXperts concluded that while they had significant technical integration expertise, opportunities for improvement existed in the area of secure cyber security deployment, and awareness of today’s relevant cybersecurity threats.

During the event, we spent time at the Government Health IT session sponsored by MITRE and engaged with several senior health IT professionals including the CIO of Defense Health Agency, NIST, and the Veterans Administration.

We held broad discussions over various needs and requirements for bedside assistance and the privacy implications with Protected Health Information, and the rise in home assisted healthcare and in-home patient care and assessment technologies.

Darnell Washington

President and CEO of SecureXperts