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Press Release | May 11, 2021

Colonial Pipeline Breach – Expect the Unexpected

Darnell Washington

May 7, 2021 SecureXperts moderated an all star panel discussion on “Cyber Imperatives- Expect the Unexpected” at the PortCon CPE Certified Port Executive Annual Update Conference ( During the virtual event, the panel concluded that while actionable intelligence was readily available, proper countermeasures were not implemented to close the gaps that mitigate potential risks.

Just one day after the collaborative event – we found the Colonial Breach was no different. With the world’s network infrastructure on the brink of cyber apocalypse, nation-state adversaries use artificial intelligence (AI), quantum cryptography, and stealth cyber-weapons capable of destabilizing economies and the free flow of commerce.

“Today marked a new era of collaboration of partnerships between the Martiime and Port Terminal Operator communities and stakeholders” to have the proper tools and resources to be resilient against emerging capabilities by adversaries in the intelligence, threat analysis, information sharing and response”, says Darnell Washington, President and Chief Executive Officer of SecureXperts Incorporated.

The panel offered valuable insight to steps that are now necessary to secure the supply chain and protect international interests and the integrity of network connected devices on a global basis. The team comprised of experts from Burns McDonnell, G4S/Allied Universal, the Pratus Group, the Maritime and Port information Sharing and Analysis Organization, and the International Association of Certified ISAOS (IACI) have fused a collaborative partnership to provide strategic approaches to mitigate the threats that deter the free economy or trade due to espionage, data breach, theft of intellectual property, and disruption of service that impact our connected world. The webinar can be viewed and downloaded at

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