Workplace Security

SecureXperts helps organizations deal with issues involving compromises in company security, threats of violence, and critical incidents. We offer proactive and, if necessary, reactive methods and systems of loss identification, prevention, and resolution with a focus on providing effective, efficient, and economical means of controlling exposures to loss as a result of criminal activities and expediting the recovery process in the event an incident occurs. Our services include:

Workplace Security Expertise - SecureXperts's workplace security consultants are strategically located throughout the world to ensure quality control and continuing client support. We provide:

  • Physical security reviews
  • Security program reviews
  • Behavioral profiling techniques
  • Staff specific security education and training
  • Critical incident response planning
  • Response protocols
  • Integration of emergency services
  • Occupational reviews which assist in identifying security and violence in the workplace
  • exposures

Critical Incident and Planning - Once threats are identified, mitigation strategies are recommended, programs developed, implementation strategies put into place and appropriate training provided. We assist organizations in several areas, including:

  • Risk and business impact assessments
  • Threat assessments
  • Development of emergency operations capabilities
  • Mechanisms to integrate with outside agencies and other providers of services
  • Program development regarding emergency response, critical incident and crisis
  • management and their interaction with business continuity

Developing a critical incident program involves enormous responsibility, experience, and understanding. SecureXperts Team is prepared to react immediately in supporting our client.

SecureXperts Security Learning

SecureXperts Security Learning

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