SecureXperts wins Secured Cities for Best Collaborative Security Project

Secured Cities Award

Gold Award for Best Collaborative Government Project:

Credentialed High Assurance Video Encryption (CHAVE)

innovation awards 2016

Despite the fears of terrorist fighters flowing out of Iraq and Syria, some U.S. senators said a more urgent worry is that the FBI is missing opportunities to head off home-grown terrorist attacks like the shooting at an Orlando nightclub in June where 49 people were killed and the bombings this past summer in New York and New Jersey.

To thwart the impact of these emerging threats, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) desired a solution to improve methods of screening vehicles and explosives detection systems nationwide to mitigate the threats of a lone wolf and self-radicalized individuals that are already within our borders.

Bosch Security Systems, SecureXperts, MSA Security and Genetec collaborated in the integration of MSA SmartTech, into its platform known as the Credentialed High Assurance Video Encryption (CHAVE) cyber secure IP video system.

Using this technology, explosives, and weapons detection is now augmented by remote screener support, which provides DHS, other government agencies, and commercial organizations with a secure method to immediately involve experts that are on duty 24x7x365 to assist with the aid of detection of suspicious packages at the press of a button.

Using SmartTech technology, digital images and/or video that are captured from current screening machines and other technologies can be transmitted securely using Bosch’s CHAVE enabled cameras, which is the only camera portfolio using a secure trusted platform module that achieves FIPS 140-2 level 3 certification to remote location with a true end to end encryption.

The Genetec Security Center video management system captures each screening area and records the action of the individuals, screeners, and packages into a single scene view.

Expert explosives detection personnel from MSA provide screeners with real-time immediate support to identify suspicious packages and explosives, providing force multiplication and increased operational effectiveness nationwide.

For their efforts to help mitigate risks at more than 11,000 federal facilities, increase the ability to detect and track lone wolf terrorists, achieve cybersecurity requirements by FISMA, NIST and OMB, along with the ability to provide strong identity proofing and vetting, Bosch, Genetec, SecureXperts and integrating partner MSA Security were recognized with this Gold standard of excellence.

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