Internal Investigation

As recent corporate scandals demonstrate, all organizations are vulnerable to internal fraud. The damage can be devastating, ranging from financial losses and legal and regulatory jeopardy to ruined reputations.

SecureXperts experts can thoroughly investigate incidents, help you take steps to stop improper activities, and prevent them in the future. Our involvement can help your organization re-establish trust with partners, customers and law enforcement. Working closely with top managers and legal counsel, SecureXperts performs objective, third-party inquiries-without unduly disrupting your organization’s operations.

What We Do

SecureXperts conducts thorough, independent investigations and advises clients on how best to proceed once all the evidence has been gathered. If immediate action is needed, SecureXperts works with you to inform senior management and law enforcement, and aids you in the prosecution of offenders. SecureXperts also recommends measures that reduce the risk of such activity occurring again in the future. In some cases, SecureXperts can assist clients in regaining control of stolen assets or intellectual property.

Ultimately, SecureXperts internal investigative services allow clients to re-establish the integrity of their operations while rebuilding their reputations following incidents of fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, hidden assets, stolen trade secrets and hostile acts.

What We Investigate

  • Civil and criminal fraud
  • Asset searches for governments, corporations and individuals
  • Management/employee fraud and theft
  • Electronic crimes and defamation cases
  • Secret commissions and kickbacks
  • Procurement fraud
  • Criminal defense investigations
  • SecureXperts also provides your managers with fraud-awareness and prevention training.

Organizations face enormous risk when they explore business partnerships, new customers, mergers and acquisitions.

SecureXperts investigative due-diligence services help financial institutions; corporations, partnerships and individuals minimize risk and ensure success in all business transactions and dealings.

What We Do

SecureXperts investigative experts and resources are renowned for uncovering and analyzing data that has a huge impact on business transactions.

SecureXperts Security Learning

SecureXperts Security Learning

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