Crisis Hotlines

SecureXperts offers a variety of 24-7-365, telephone hotline capabilities.

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Managed Security and Events Monitoring
  • Information Security Breach and Intrusion Project
  • Emergency Data Recovery
  • Emergency Business Relocation

Our security professionals are trained to route emergency and integrity-related calls directly to key decision makers or proper channels according to an established protocol with each organization.

Our crisis hotlines provide a single point of contact for your staff and deliver an expert crisis network. In conjunction with crisis analysis of your organizational requirements, we develop procedures to plan contingency strategies for

  • Threats or attacks
  • Natural and Physical Disasters
  • Workplace violence

SecureXperts work to customize unique emergency strategies for the safety and welfare of you and your employees.

SecureXperts Security Learning

SecureXperts Security Learning

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