Business Recovery and Disaster Recovery

No matter the size of an organization or its industry, business continuity - or the process by which companies maintain the viability of their business processes in the event of a disruption - is a critical issue facing senior management and corporate boards. Faced with greater scrutiny from regulators, shareholders, and customers, business continuity is an essential element of business operations.

Understanding the impact of risks is the crucial element in the development of a business continuity plan. Armed with this information, an organization can prepare a cost effective business continuity plan as part of a total risk transfer architecture. This would include risk mitigation, insurance, and reacting to an interruption. In this way, an organization can respond to the many events that are outside of the control of the organization - such as natural and manmade disasters, changes in regulations, economic downturns, etc.

While terrorism presents the dramatic interruption danger, companies also face interruptions caused by internal threat and disgruntled employees.

The Business Continuity Management and Crisis Readiness consulting practice at SecureXperts takes a holistic view to reducing financial, operational, and service related risk in today's challenging business environment. With our industry expertise we intertwine business continuity planning, emergency response planning, and crisis management to bring to bear the solution that is appropriate for your organization as you address today's business and technical challenges.

  • Business Continuity Planning - We identify critical risks, quantify their potential impact, and develop recovery and restoration strategies in the event of a severe disruption. With deep experience in business continuity planning and a thorough understanding of the business and regulatory drivers affecting your industry, we can help you to avoid potential penalties and litigation. Our recovery strategies address both technical and business needs - for example, performance and capacity, security, and records management. By raising awareness of business partner/third-party continuity plans, we will help you to avoid service interruptions and protect the entire value chain.
  • Emergency Management Solutions - Our emergency management solutions include critical incident planning (CIP)and emergency response planning (ERP). We identify the underlying human factors that lead to the initiation of violent events in communities, schools, and industries and design and implement security planning and training solutions. In addition, we evaluate, organize, and train onsite teams to effectively respond to emergencies. By joining with you to improve employee readiness, we help you enhance safety by establishing an organized, company-wide response to a disruption.
  • Crisis Management - We assist organizations in the development of strategies that help manage a situation with all internal and external audiences. SecureXperts can help your organization provide answers to the following critical questions:
  • Have we identified the credible security threats facing our organizations?
  • Have we reviewed our security plans based on credible threats to our organization?
  • Are our procedures and policies current?
  • Is our internal staff adequately trained to deal with a security threat?
  • Are we compliant with the security regulations that impact our industry sector?
  • Do we need to update/upgrade our facility’s physical security?
  • Have we developed integrated plans addressing the integration of emergency services?

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