Business Intelligence

Basing business decisions on flawed intelligence can compromise your company’s strategic direction and ultimately its survival. Incomplete intelligence also may fail to identify fraud and other high-risk activities by employees, vendors and customers.

SecureXperts business intelligence and investigative capabilities are unparalleled in the industry. With a longstanding reputation for thoroughness and discretion, SecureXperts provides intelligence that protects business ventures, minimizes financial losses, increases profits, preserves proprietary data and corporate reputations, and produces successful outcomes in litigation.

SecureXperts business investigations team is comprised of specialists from a wide range of disciplines, including law, law enforcement, intelligence, accounting, technology and management consulting.

Business Recovery and Disaster Recovery

No matter the size of an organization or its industry, business continuity - or the process by which companies maintain the viability of their business processes in the event of a disruption - is a critical issue facing senior management and corporate boards. Faced with greater scrutiny from regulators, shareholders, and customers, business continuity is an essential element of business operations.

Understanding the impact of risks is the crucial element in the development of a business continuity plan. Armed with this information, an organization can prepare a cost effective business continuity plan as part of a total risk transfer architecture. This would include risk mitigation, insurance, and reacting to an interruption. In this way, an organization can respond to the many events that are outside of the control of the organization - such as natural and manmade disasters, changes in regulations, economic downturns, etc.

While terrorism presents the dramatic interruption danger, companies also face interruptions caused by internal threat and disgruntled employees.

The Business Continuity Management and Crisis Readiness consulting practice at SecureXperts takes a holistic view to reducing financial, operational, and service related risk in today's challenging business environment. With our industry expertise we intertwine business continuity planning, emergency response planning, and crisis management to bring to bear the solution that is appropriate for your organization as you address today's business and technical challenges.

  • Business Continuity Planning - We identify critical risks, quantify their potential impact, and develop recovery and restoration strategies in the event of a severe disruption. With deep experience in business continuity planning and a thorough understanding of the business and regulatory drivers affecting your industry, we can help you to avoid potential penalties and litigation. Our recovery strategies address both technical and business needs - for example, performance and capacity, security, and records management. By raising awareness of business partner/third-party continuity plans, we will help you to avoid service interruptions and protect the entire value chain.
  • Emergency Management Solutions - Our emergency management solutions include critical incident planning (CIP)and emergency response planning (ERP). We identify the underlying human factors that lead to the initiation of violent events in communities, schools, and industries and design and implement security planning and training solutions. In addition, we evaluate, organize, and train onsite teams to effectively respond to emergencies. By joining with you to improve employee readiness, we help you enhance safety by establishing an organized, company-wide response to a disruption.
  • Crisis Management - We assist organizations in the development of strategies that help manage a situation with all internal and external audiences. SecureXperts can help your organization provide answers to the following critical questions:
  • Have we identified the credible security threats facing our organizations?
  • Have we reviewed our security plans based on credible threats to our organization?
  • Are our procedures and policies current?
  • Is our internal staff adequately trained to deal with a security threat?
  • Are we compliant with the security regulations that impact our industry sector?
  • Do we need to update/upgrade our facility’s physical security?
  • Have we developed integrated plans addressing the integration of emergency services?

Certification and Accreditation (C&A)

SecureXperts provides development of system security plans and associated documents for system and application level certification of major applications and general support systems according to guidance from the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), and the Department of Defense (DoD) Defense Information Certification and Accreditation Program (DIACAP). SecureXperts can develop processes and procedures for your organization to be compliant with Privacy Impact (Personal Identifiable Information), Incident Response, Configuration Management, IT Security Policy, and continuous monitoring compliance.

The process begins with SecureXperts conducting an information level assessment to: (a) Categorize the minimum security controls required for the system,(b)   Defining the minimum security controls required to protect the system,(c) Implementing and testing the security controls; and (d) Implement procedures for ongoing management and continuous monitoring of the system.

SecureXperts can assist in maintaining the current state of your enterprise security posture, and insuring compliance with federal authorization agreement for Information Technology systems.

Computer Forensics

SecureXperts specializes in developing effective strategies for locating and retrieving electronic data from computer hard drives and technology systems. SecureXpert's computer forensics engineers are trained to identify where exactly on computer networks key evidence is likely to be found-even if that evidence appears at first to have been erased or lost. SecureXperts also can create a comprehensive chronology of computer usage and determine whether computer evidence was altered, damaged or removed.

SecureXperts can investigate, assess and quantify information security breach damage and implement effective controls independently and objectively.

SecureXpert's Certified Information Security Auditors are experts in analyzing the damage caused by intrusion. SecureXperts can make initial exposure assessments and identify remediation strategies

SecureXperts provides credible and verifiable information that will stand up to the toughest scrutiny.

Corporate Advisory

SecureXperts provides organizations with confidential, corporate advisory services to provide solutions that minimize adverse business and/or legal impacts. SecureXperts can protect your organization through intellectual property protection, insider-threat management, and confidential information security and anti-disclosure solutions. These solutions are provided by our leading practice consultants in Florida, Georgia, New York, and the National Capital Area.

Corporate Monitoring

One of the most complex tasks organizations face today is ensuring that they comply with ever-changing government rules and regulations. Another huge challenge is rebuilding the reputation of a organization, industry or organization after it has been found to be involved with improper activities.

SecureXperts helps clients manage both challenges efficiently and cost-effectively. By monitoring your organization’s compliance obligations, SecureXperts prevents your organization from running afoul of regulators and law enforcement, engaging in time-consuming litigation, or paying costly fines and damages. SecureXperts's compliance and monitoring services also help troubled organizations regain the trust of regulators and law enforcement.

What We Do...

SecureXperts provides a comprehensive range of services that help organizations and other organizations prevent fraud in specific projects or everyday operations. SecureXperts also can act as an independent monitor of organizations that are working to comply with legal or regulatory.

Global threats are forcing organizations to take a harder look at their security programs.

SecureXperts's experts in security, protection, engineering, business continuity and emergency management help clients prevent, prepare for and respond to the many threats they face at home and abroad.

From assessment to implementation, clients benefit from SecureXperts's seamless integration of services, resulting in a more efficient, cost-effective security program. Our experts develop proactive, tiered approaches that can respond quickly to changing threat conditions and help ensure operational continuity in the wake of a crisis.

Crisis Hotlines

SecureXperts offers a variety of 24-7-365, telephone hotline capabilities.

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Managed Security and Events Monitoring
  • Information Security Breach and Intrusion Project
  • Emergency Data Recovery
  • Emergency Business Relocation

Our security professionals are trained to route emergency and integrity-related calls directly to key decision makers or proper channels according to an established protocol with each organization.

Our crisis hotlines provide a single point of contact for your staff and deliver an expert crisis network. In conjunction with crisis analysis of your organizational requirements, we develop procedures to plan contingency strategies for

  • Threats or attacks
  • Natural and Physical Disasters
  • Workplace violence

SecureXperts work to customize unique emergency strategies for the safety and welfare of you and your employees.

Cyber Secure IP Video Solution - CHAVE

Credentialed High Assurance Video Encryption

Video surveillance data is increasingly connected across local and global networks, and a growing number of network cameras send their data to servers over the Internet. This can open the door to cybercrime. Mission critical and critical infrastructure environments must have an IP video solution that maximizes data security, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security mandate the use of smart cards and multi-factor authentication for these facilities.

Together, Bosch, Genetec™, and SecureXperts offer an IP video solution that is resilient against unauthorized access, malware, brute force cracking and other exploit techniques. The solution uses Credentialed High Assurance Video Encryption (CHAVE™) technology to ensure highly-secure identification and authentication through multi-factor smart card credentials.

Authentication and encryption

All Bosch IP cameras use a unique embedded Trusted Platform Module to ensure the highest data security. CHAVE™-enabled cameras add an extra layer of protection that meets Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 140-2 Level 3 certified encryption standards. Using techniques known as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Transport Layer Security (TLS), CHAVE™-enabled cameras allow secure communications over the Internet and other untrusted network connections.

The cameras are pre-loaded with signed X.509 certificates by SecureXperts, the local registration agent for CHAVE™-enabled devices. These unique certificates are used for authentication to ensure communication between trusted components and encryption to secure data.  All cryptographic operations needed for encryption and authentication occur within the camera’s Trusted Platform Module, preventing unauthorized access to the certificate stored within the module.

Complete IP video solution

Providing a complete solution, the latest version of Genetec’s open-architecture, unified security platform Security Center 5.4 is CHAVE™ enabled, supporting the use of smart cards and digital certificates. Users must authenticate with a unique smart card credential in order to gain access to Security Center and video from CHAVE™-enabled Bosch cameras. Security Center also uses the latest encryption standards such as TLS, AES-128, and RSA, which results in more secure communications between all Security Center client and server applications.

CHAVE™-enabled IP cameras

A range of CHAVE-enabled cameras ensure you have the right choice for any area of your facility – indoor or outdoor.


FLEXIDOME IP starlight 7000 VR

DINION IP starlight 8000 MP

FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 7000 MP

AUTODOME IP dynamic 7000 HD

MIC IP starlight 7000 HD

DINION IP imager 9000 HD



Secure credential-based authentication

Eliminates highly-vulnerable user name/password authorization for workstations and cameras

Uses PKI and TLS security techniques

Support for industry standard technology allows secure communication over the Internet

Supports 2048bit RSA and 256bit elliptic curve cryptography

Meets NSA Suite B Secret protection level

Proprietary hardware key

Camera protects data even in the case of a breach; meets FIPS 140-2 level 3 data protection

Active Directory integration

Enterprise wide access rights management for Security Center

Electronic Discovery

Increasing quantities of electronic data and documents often require excessive amounts of time trying to identify discoverable electronic evidence. SecureXperts's electronic discovery specialists provide a range of time-efficient and cost-effective services that help gather, analyze, organize and prepare data for review by internal corporate executives, human resource personnel, and law enforcement agencies.

HIPAA Compliance

Healthcare providers must comply with stringent rules and regulations. There are very serious legal and financial consequences to violations, whether caused by accident or design. SecureXperts recognizes that constant vigilance is paramount and understands the unique compliance and risk-assessment issues of the healthcare field.

SecureXperts has extensive experience with complex regulatory and protective healthcare information (PHI) requirements. SecureXperts works with a wide range of public and private healthcare entities.

Our services

  • Due diligence reviews
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Provider risk assessment
  • Medical records coding audit

Information Security Assesment

SecureXperts provides your organization with a security assessment of your existing environment, a study of your existing security infrastructure and how it relates to your security goals for your business, a detailed gap analysis comparing your existing security infrastructure to your security goals, and recommended steps to implement in achieving your security goals. These may include products, policies and procedures, training, and revised organizational structure as it relates to security. The key deliverable provided from this project is to provide the customer with an overall security assessment and solution plan as a means to prevent major disruptions from internal threats to systems and data-as well as improving overall security practices for the future.

SecureXperts can identify and address security issues and areas of improvement utilizing structured methodologies and best practices. Phased approaches are included that will review your current policies and environment related to security, determine your security goals for your organization, analyze current information system security, and define a security solution to develop a security plan, and management of that plan.

Internal Investigation

As recent corporate scandals demonstrate, all organizations are vulnerable to internal fraud. The damage can be devastating, ranging from financial losses and legal and regulatory jeopardy to ruined reputations.

SecureXperts experts can thoroughly investigate incidents, help you take steps to stop improper activities, and prevent them in the future. Our involvement can help your organization re-establish trust with partners, customers and law enforcement. Working closely with top managers and legal counsel, SecureXperts performs objective, third-party inquiries-without unduly disrupting your organization’s operations.

What We Do

SecureXperts conducts thorough, independent investigations and advises clients on how best to proceed once all the evidence has been gathered. If immediate action is needed, SecureXperts works with you to inform senior management and law enforcement, and aids you in the prosecution of offenders. SecureXperts also recommends measures that reduce the risk of such activity occurring again in the future. In some cases, SecureXperts can assist clients in regaining control of stolen assets or intellectual property.

Ultimately, SecureXperts internal investigative services allow clients to re-establish the integrity of their operations while rebuilding their reputations following incidents of fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, hidden assets, stolen trade secrets and hostile acts.

What We Investigate

  • Civil and criminal fraud
  • Asset searches for governments, corporations and individuals
  • Management/employee fraud and theft
  • Electronic crimes and defamation cases
  • Secret commissions and kickbacks
  • Procurement fraud
  • Criminal defense investigations
  • SecureXperts also provides your managers with fraud-awareness and prevention training.

Organizations face enormous risk when they explore business partnerships, new customers, mergers and acquisitions.

SecureXperts investigative due-diligence services help financial institutions; corporations, partnerships and individuals minimize risk and ensure success in all business transactions and dealings.

What We Do

SecureXperts investigative experts and resources are renowned for uncovering and analyzing data that has a huge impact on business transactions.

Physical Asset Protection Services

SecureXperts's global presence and extensive security experience enable us to offer a complete range of specialized protective services. In partnership with Teleport Vision© technology, our team is able to conduct electronic surveillance and video monitoring globally. For more information on Teleport Vision, please visit

Taking Threats Seriously

SecureXperts provides immediate response to threats against corporations, their employees and private individuals. Whether a threat is directed at an individual or an organization, SecureXperts assesses the nature of the threat and designs appropriate intervention strategies.

These strategies may include investigations, coordination with law eforcement and mental health professionals, executive protection, and threat management training. From government agencies to corporations and private individuals, SecureXperts deters violent behavior and protects people at risk.

Teleport Vision Technology services include...

  • Threat assessment and investigations
  • Long-term threat management
  • Executive protection
  • Event security
  • Technical surveillance countermeasures
  • 24-hour managed services
  • Executive surveillance detection
  • Workplace violence prevention

Security Consulting and Engineering

SecureXperts develop security solutions that combine architectural, electronic and operational measures. SecureXperts experts integrate these solutions with current technology to arrive at an unobtrusive yet effective security program. We also monitor architectural projects to be sure your building’s security program is implemented correctly.

For existing buildings, this requires analysis of the structure’s vulnerabilities and implementation of upgrades. For buildings in the design phase, architects and developers must incorporate state-of-the-art security systems into their plans. This provides tenants and structures with maximum protection in today’s high-risk world, our security system to take full advantage of your building’s structural and interior design.

What We Do

SecureXperts team of certified consultants and engineers work closely with architects, building owners and tenants to develop security programs and design security systems in new and existing structures.

Our specialists provide expert security planning, design and consulting services. We also help clients develop projects from conceptual design through implementation and ongoing management.

Planning & Design

  • Threat and vulnerability assessments
  • Architectural security reviews
  • Security protection recommendations
  • Security system specifications
  • Budget estimation and cost analysis
  • Security master planning

Implementation & Testing

  •  System procurement assistance
  •  Installation inspections and coordination
  •  System testing 
  •  Benchmarking

Security Program Management

24 X 7 X 365 Services and Monitoring

  • Staffing studies and executive placement
  • Program development and training
  • Department outsourcing
  • Implementation audits
  • Instruction manual development

Teleport Vision

SecureXperts provides security consulting and integration support for the TeleportVision video surveillance and teleconferencing product, which is the leader in innovative interoperable wireless video, voice, and data communications solutions. For more information on Dejavue – Web based video surveillance, remote monitoring solution. Coming Soon.

TeleportVision is a leading wireless technology product on the market today, integrating secure video monitoring with voice and data messaging applications into a scalable and robust computing platform.

TeleportVision enables global communications using wireless audio and video in conjunction with ultra-mobile computing devices (pocket PC's PDA's, tablet PCs, laptops, etc), on IP based computer networks. 

TeleportVision can be integrated into a near infinite number of government, industrial, educational, commercial, retail, healthcare, public safety and emergency services management applications. For more information about TeleportVision products click here.

For more information on TeleportVision, please go to

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