Physical Asset Protection Services

SecureXperts's global presence and extensive security experience enable us to offer a complete range of specialized protective services. In partnership with Teleport Vision© technology, our team is able to conduct electronic surveillance and video monitoring globally. For more information on Teleport Vision, please visit

Taking Threats Seriously

SecureXperts provides immediate response to threats against corporations, their employees and private individuals. Whether a threat is directed at an individual or an organization, SecureXperts assesses the nature of the threat and designs appropriate intervention strategies.

These strategies may include investigations, coordination with law eforcement and mental health professionals, executive protection, and threat management training. From government agencies to corporations and private individuals, SecureXperts deters violent behavior and protects people at risk.

Teleport Vision Technology services include...

  • Threat assessment and investigations
  • Long-term threat management
  • Executive protection
  • Event security
  • Technical surveillance countermeasures
  • 24-hour managed services
  • Executive surveillance detection
  • Workplace violence prevention

SecureXperts Security Learning

SecureXperts Security Learning

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