April 2013

SecureXperts Presents at SIA Education ISC West in Las Vegas on Credentialed High Assurance Encryption Framework

SE_april2013On April 10, Darnell Washington  will be presenting along with an expert panel on “When Hackers attack” exploring foot printing technologies and provide techniques used by hackers to gain privileged access and exploit weaknesses that can be injected into an information systems.

Darnell Washington will also demonstrate how to integrate identity and access management credentials to non-person entities technologies to mitigate the threats posed by peripherals and network infrastructure devices that are connected to information technology networks.

The established FICAM policy assures effective government-wide identity, credential and access management. The Credentialed High Assurance Encryption framework authenticates devices for secure communication, while enabling government and corporate personnel to access systems without cumbersome password or permission processes.

SecureXperts Security Learning

SecureXperts Security Learning

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