September 2011


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September 23, 2011- Orlando, FL

Darnell Washington, Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP)  and President/CEO of SecureXperts, Incorproated received an award at the ISC2 2011 Ameraicas Information Security Leadership Award ceremony in Orlando, Florida on September 23, 2011 in  the Information Security Practitioner category.  Awards were presented to  information security practitoners  that have distinguished themselves by implementing and or managing a security awareness program, conducting difficult, complex security evaluations, and other noteworthy contributions to the information security common body of knowledge.

Mr. Washington stated that one of the most interesting statements made during the award ceremony came from Executive Director W. Hord Tipton during his surveys and communications with the international community at large. He stated that “while industry, government, and enterprise commercial organizations discuss breaches and securirty events that constantly plague their environments, the industry seldom recognizes the efforts of talented security professionals who insure that their organization has a strong security posture and  don’t experience  breaches, theft,  and loss of customer information”.

In his work with designing secure internet based access control and video solutions for Federal government and the US Department of Homeland Security, he is convinced that “safe, secure systems saves lives”.  He has accepted the challenge of promoting excellence in the world of ethics and professionalism in the information security industry.

Mr. Washington also states that “As we are constantly challenged with threats that affect our daily way of life – Terrorism, financial and social espionage, predators on the young and the elderly.  As these threats are now becoming definitively interwoven with technology, we must become ever more vigilant to ensure that technology policy, governance, security controls and privacy are effectively applied in a useful and wise manner”.

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