August 2013

SecureXperts met with the NHISAC to team together to build a lab. A place that depicts our abilities and best practices, for testing, training and validation, a place that will serve as both a training hub and place to show case our technology in cyber security for health care.

April 2013

SecureXperts Presents at SIA Education ISC West in Las Vegas on Credentialed High Assurance Encryption Framework

SE_april2013On April 10, Darnell Washington  will be presenting along with an expert panel on “When Hackers attack” exploring foot printing technologies and provide techniques used by hackers to gain privileged access and exploit weaknesses that can be injected into an information systems.

Darnell Washington will also demonstrate how to integrate identity and access management credentials to non-person entities technologies to mitigate the threats posed by peripherals and network infrastructure devices that are connected to information technology networks.

The established FICAM policy assures effective government-wide identity, credential and access management. The Credentialed High Assurance Encryption framework authenticates devices for secure communication, while enabling government and corporate personnel to access systems without cumbersome password or permission processes.

February 2013

SecureXperts  Cygnus Business Media and partner on security blog “Darnell on IT”, discussing recent security trends and technologies.

January 2013

CIOs will manage fewer humans, especially for security.

By 2020, the role of CIO will shift away from one that is mostly about managing humans in a large workforce. While that may seem too far-future for some, the reality is that computing is becoming much more autonomous, requiring less dependence on human intervention for systems to run correctly. Darnell Washington, CEO of SecureXperts, says building security, identity management and even emergency response will be controlled by computer artificial intelligence (AI). "First response and collection of situational awareness will be initially obtained by unmanned systems, robots, surveillance drones, and other unmanned aerial vehicle systems that contain audio and video capabilities," he says.

September 2011


Press Release
September 23, 2011- Orlando, FL

Darnell Washington, Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP)  and President/CEO of SecureXperts, Incorproated received an award at the ISC2 2011 Ameraicas Information Security Leadership Award ceremony in Orlando, Florida on September 23, 2011 in  the Information Security Practitioner category.  Awards were presented to  information security practitoners  that have distinguished themselves by implementing and or managing a security awareness program, conducting difficult, complex security evaluations, and other noteworthy contributions to the information security common body of knowledge.

March 2011

Darnell Washington, the President/CEO will be a guest speaker at the Government Security Expo (GOVSEC) which will be held March 29-31 in Washington, DC.  He will be speaking on the topic “Cyber Security Issues in the Field”  The GovSec Expo will take place at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

February 2011

SecureXperts signed a Master Services Agreement with Tyco International for Enterprise Security Services. The initial projects include risk assessment, certification and accreditation, and implementation of logical identity management systems.

June 2010

SecureXperts exhibit ADT Sure Pass solution at SecTec 2010 at the Renaissance Hotel in Washington, DC

Darnell Washington, the President/CEO is the guest speaker at ADT SecTec with an intriguing topic “InfoSec Trends and Tehnologies for Federal IT systems.

March 2010

SecureXperts awarded contract to conduct certification and assessment services for US Department of Justice.

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