Security Learning Case Studies

Case 1:

A system’s manufacturer has a new product launch and uses the SecureXperts learning platform to train its internal help desk and technical support staff. Instead of wasting precious time training new groups of individuals, the students connect to the online training portal and review content which was custom developed by the SecureXperts curriculum design team.

Case 2:

New hires for a company need to be trained in Computer Security Awareness. Instead of sitting at a terminal and going through an on-line training course, the company determines that a practical exercise would be more engaging for his employees to grasp information security concepts.

The company contacts SecureXperts onsite trainers who will review and provide advanced training to insure that the new hires receive the proper training to perform the various functions of the job.

Case 3:

A product vendor of a video security surveillance system has just installed a system upgrade. Instead of having the users review the user manuals and obtain limited scope training on use of the system, contracts with SecureXperts to design and deliver a customized training class that can be integrated into the company’s training portal for future use.

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SecureXperts Security Learning

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