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Clearly, information security isn't a product you simply install. It's a strategy that builds on the strengths of prevention, detective, and audit products, adding the critical functions of prevention, alerts, detection and responses to security related events.

SecureXperts provides that strategy. We develop custom, vendor-neutral solution that ensures the prevention products you already use work, and the systems you have in place perform in the way they were intended to. We utilize a disciplined process of risk management that protects every level of your information architecture.

SecureXperts employs a holistic approach when providing its customers with security services – using people, process, and technology to solve business problems and offering a portfolio of scalable solutions that draw on the expertise of its subject matter experts. Our approach affords clients the ability to understand and use technology effectively rather than using only reactive control of their environment. We offer client-tailored services that consist of security consulting, policy development, human resources support, security awareness training.

We also provide installation and configuration of security solutions ranging from data protection systems and smart cards and firewalls to monitoring, incident response, analysis, mitigation, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, architecture review, hardware, software, application level assessment services and more.

While SecureXperts employs and recommends industry best practices, it is always attuned to its client’s financial parameters and is non-vendor specific in using and suggesting a best mix of solution(s) for each individual client.

IT professionals savvy enough to rely on “outside” expertise to augment their existing staff have a distinct advantage by retaining a team of information security professionals to assist in protecting and strengthening their network environments. Management has a distinct benefit by utilizing industry security professionals whose expertise rivals second to none.

Why do you need SecureXperts?

Welcome to the new paradigm in information security risk management. Security is no longer about keeping people out; it's about letting the right people in, it's about ensuring your business systems remain secure. In this new paradigm, enterprises must develop appropriate security mechanisms and deploy state of the art security technologies that help employees, business partners and customers use information assets securely. SecureXperts provide the vision and expertise required to guide your company in tailoring an information security risk management strategy to your business needs.

Our approach is standards-based and business-oriented. We believe that corporate business objectives must be the starting point for developing an effective information security risk management solution that will be understood and supported by all.

The Newest Threat to Organizational and Enterprise Security

No organization is safe from attacks against its security perimeters. While most companies understand and focus on external threats, statistical research indicates that over 70% of all attacks on corporate IT assets occur from inside the organization – disgruntled employees intent on malicious behavior, improperly configured systems, lack of updated patches to existing systems, etc. External facing security devices are a critical component in protecting a company’s network environment, but they, alone, are not enough to prevent corporate losses due to malicious activity. Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Sensors (IDS) certainly offer some degree of protection from attack but if they are all facing outside the corporate walls or, if the reams of data they produce is not analyzed and acted upon, a large degree of risk is still present from both external and “insider attacks”. SecureXperts ensure the right people have access to the data that they need, while making sure your business systems remain secure.

Appropriately monitoring and analyzing the traffic on those security devices is key to detection and protection; however, those companies focusing on preemption and prevention view security as a business solution, choosing to provide a maximum level of protection from both internal and external intruders, ensuring that intruders can’t gain access through weaknesses discovered in an operating system.

But how do you justify the cost of security services in today’s economy? Recent events would suggest that the more appropriate question should be “How do you justify the lack of adequately protecting critical corporate assets in an environment in which the greatest risk to the company may be from within it’s own walls”.

Unfortunately many companies struggle with the daunting task of putting a price on security. For example, how do you quantify your reputation capital? What is the total cost, in dollars, of your corporation’s intellectual assets? Can customer doubt erase your “first-mover” advantage? What value does your customer place on privacy and how do you assign a dollar value to it?

Measures such as deploying an appropriate intrusion detection and firewall sensor array, regularly scheduling network vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, server hardening, and anti-virus protection are all essential technological components of a corporation’s security posture. But you can’t rely solely on technology to do a thorough job. There are no absolutes in IT security. A company which incorporates sound security measures, appropriate technology and an effective security policy offers it’s investors and customers added insurance against the threats and risks of an increasingly online public. This added insurance ultimately translates into preserving corporate assets, a higher degree of corporate reputation, and protection against loss associated with malicious activity – all key components of exposure management.

SecureXperts Solution

SecureXperts is organized to provide the operational, analysis and forensics services that define us as a premier provider of Security Services. SecureXperts provides the methodology, processes and tools for isolating and defeating the threats to your network business environment. Whether the threats are internal or external, we can help you manage and mitigate them by leveraging our knowledge and expertise, allowing you to choose the best mix of services to meets your individual needs.

SecureXperts provide preemptive measures – defining the progressive stages of understanding where the attacker is likely to strike, and the measures to identify who the attacker is, as well as ensure that the attacker doesn’t get through and, more importantly, causes no harm. Our methodology is process driven to ensure consistency and excellence.

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SecureXperts welcomes the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your organizations security needs. Our consultants will provide you a high-level risk assessment without cost or obligation after defining your companies organizational or enterprise security objectives. Contact our representatives at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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